Verdi: AIDA, Deutsche Oper, Berlin 2007
Verdi: AIDA, Deutsche Oper, Berlin 2007

Co-directed with Christopher Alden
Andrew Lieberman, Set Designer
Doey Luethi, Costume Designer
Adam Silverman, Lighting Designer

AIDA is in part love story and in perhaps greater part veiled warning against the dangers of uniting Church and State. Verdi cleverly masked his political commentary in a setting that was exotic enough to escape detection. Our intent was to make this rarely explored subtext both more clear and more complex by asking the question why we as human beings seem obsessed with themes of power, sin, purification, and the naming and blaming of "The Other." Setting Verdi's opera within a closed sect, where the enemy threat was no longer a foreign one, but rather one that came from within, proved to be, for audiences and critics alike, disturbing.